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Released for free. All the arts, comics, photographies, written stories and poems in the black fog zine are reserved copyright to their respective creators. All else is under the following license under the (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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Submissions for issue #4

Updated: 2023.05.05 - submissions OPEN

There's been some changes. Even if you contributed before, please read.

Types of submissions we accept:



Manga/comics/comic strips:

Various illustrations, paintings (photos of such), pixel arts, glitch arts etc.:

Poems, haiku:


Submitting the work

If you're not sure, your comic is not yet done, don't rush, take your time, send it when it's ready.

Every submission can be send by email to Manga/comics having more than one page must be zipped. Please send text as files, with proper formatting.

Submissions can also be send by a private message on discord to mtk.

Every submission must also contain information about title of the work (or lack of) and information how you want to be mentioned (full name, nickname, anonymous etc.) as well as link to your website/social media if you have/want to share any.

Every person contributing to the zine is mentioned in the issue on contents/staff lists, but some works because of their nature can end as a part of layout. For example, submitting a photography, if it ends up as a background for a short story, you will be mentioned in the staff list as one of the illustrators only. Please keep that in mind when submitting your work.

Still more questions? Contact mtk on discord or send an email.

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