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About the Black Fog zine

Black Fog zine is a free zine inspired by Garo, a Japanese avant-garde comic magazine founded in 1964. Focusing on manga and comic, exploring also other media like short stories and poems, illustrations, photography and glitch art.

Feeling comfiness, melancholy, fear and anxiety. Indulging in art, nature, dreams, (armchair) philosophy and dark humour.

This zine is a community project. No matter if you're a creator or a reader, you're more than welcome to visit us on discord and tell us your opinion about the zine, have a small talk, or just relax and feel comfy.

How do I read it?

Much like a real magazine, bfz has cover page and displays two pages at once. Here is how to properly set it up. Read mode recommended.

Adobe Reader

Foxit Reader


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